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Yoga is my passion.   It started as a child growing up in India where yoga is not just an exercise, but a way of life. It started in the classroom where yoga was taught before math, reading, and writing. It grew further at home where yoga was embedded as the fabric of our daily routines. It has lead me on this journey to become an expert and find better health, better energy, and better living.

I received my professional training from the highly reputed teaching school Live, Love, Teach Yoga, and began teaching yoga in the Dallas area in 2014. I have also refined my skills completing numerous boot camps and workshops all over the United States and India. I have been blessed to have learned from some of the greatest yoga teachers. What I share in my classes is an accumulation of the methods I learned from them, and what I continue to learn from my own daily practice. Every teacher I have learned from has influenced my teaching including the application of yoga philosophy to practice.

My classes will challenge you both physically and mentally, and regardless of your skill level, are designed to advance your growth at a faster pace compared to conventional techniques. The benefits of yoga in my life are numerous: physical strength, increased energy, and greater awareness of the smallest nuances in my environment. I believe that when taught properly, yoga becomes a better way of life.