Daniel Katsük

Bringing a joyful reverence for a science that is ancient and transformational, Daniel Katsük understands that to be truly flexible, laughter wins.  Having performed as a musician on stage for over 17 years, Music Teacher for Montessori Schools for 5 years and a voice-actor for cartoons, Daniel brings a fun, inviting and child-like energy to Kundalini Yoga and Kids Yoga that can help anyone feel comfortable in their own skin or Yoga pants, while helping facilitate a deeper connection with our bodies, mind and Spirit.  Having taught Kundalini Yoga and facilitated workshops over four years at many Dallas/Ft. Worth Yoga studios, retreats and festivals, Daniel has his 200hr Certification with Yoga Alliance and 300hr Certification with KRI  at Indra’s Grace.  All classes and workshops offer live Native flutes, guitar, percussion, singing bowls, gong and other fun and uplifting instruments.
“My life has been changed immeasurably through Yoga, and so my goal is to be of service to others by helping pass on this sacred knowledge to anyone desiring to know.  I am ever thankful for the opportunity to share these teachings now in a class room, at conscious festivals and retreats.  Waheguru!”

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