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As a Yoga Teacher Anyel explores the challenges she faces on and off the mat, and looks for the wisdom to utilize those experiences in her classes. She believes in cultivating the art of deep presence, focused awareness and conscious breath within each asana. In this world of changes and transformations, our ability to connect deeply with ourselves will shape our sense of harmony with our surroundings.

After over 20 years in Corporate America as a Marketing and Communications Officer, Anyel became an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer inspired by her passion and dedication to physical conditioning. But it was her quest to harmonize body, mind, and spirit that led her to begin practicing Yoga. She is also a 200 Hrs Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yin Yoga Teacher. Anyel has trained under Arpita Shah in Texas, a NAMA Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Bernie Clark and Diana Batts in Canada, well-known authors, Yoga and Meditation Teachers, and Rod Striker founder of ParaYoga® and prominent author and lecturer.

Anyel’s Yoga classes provide the space to bring out the inner wisdom and light that shine within each individual and create the opportunity to build flexibility, strength, and balance through stability and breathing techniques. She is very grateful for being able to share the gift of Yoga