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In 2005 I graduated high school knowing I wanted to go to college, and I did, and I knew I wanted to have a career working with people, at almost any capacity. I just wanted to have a job that required connection. I had been able to work one on one with people of many walks of life. From autism, down syndrome and other mental specialties, I also got to work with inmates, addicts and disordered eaters. So graduating high school and making this huge decision as to what I was going to be the rest of my life was a tough decision to make. I decided to start with Social Work and Addiction Studies. Until I saw the classes I would have to sit in to become a social worker… no way. The creative side of me was like, “why don’t I take all the classes that sound awesome and see what degree I can end up with” That created a professional student. I just loved going to college. I loved to study things. Eventually, the husband and Babies came and along this journey I had still never taken one class about physical health. I hadn’t ran, walked, jogged, played, nothing physical in years. And it caught up.  After 2 broken ankles, a shattered sacrum and coccyx removal surgery, weighing in at 280+ pounds my husband insisted on my joining him to a yoga class. He had been practicing for a very long time and always encouraged me to go but I didn’t think I could. I was too stiff, too loud, id pass gas, too fat, too tired, I was too insecure.. well when he insisted I was probably just as fed up with it as he was. After my first yoga class I was a different person. It was like all those things and all of those excuses were just circumstances. Still true, but just who I was where I was. And I wasn’t going to be able to change that from my couch. So I kept going. One evening my husband was busy with work or something and there was a 2 hour workshop free to some of the members, I was one of them! I was hesitant but too excited to let that stop me. The room was filled with the people I saw in passing every day bit we were all taking time to chat and connect. The social butterfly in me was on cloud nine! We proceeded on with this workshop and at the end the owner of the studio walked around and asked us all, what was one thing you took from this workshop or from your time here at “Named Studio” and I wrote down that I wanted to become a Yoga Teacher. I spent months trying to get my family on board with this because I had no way to pay for it and spend 8 weeks away from my family 100% of the time. AND did they really believe that the Joy they always knew would really be a yoga teacher?! Ya right! Well, as always my mom believed in me enough to get the deposit paid and my husband paid the rest. Fast Forward 6 years and I have now taught for 20+ Yoga Studios!  I love to be able to sub classes so some of those were only a few times but many I got to spend a year, some 2, getting to know amazing people that end up becoming great friends. I try to stay busy getting back to my original vision. Helping people.  I Love to teach in Women’s Homes, Rehab Facilities, Retirement and Assisted living homes and even in people’s houses when that is what works best! On the other hand though, I love to be able to teach at big events with the mic on and the music up, moving energy from person to person, breath to breath, vibe to vibe! Its an honor to get to work with so many different people and so many amazing yoga teachers that keep me always on my toes ready to learn some new yoga magic. Now, I have few set classes in apartments, a gym and a beautiful little studio all in North Fort Worth with a few private clients. In my free time I raise my two beautiful kids and hang out with my husband. They love it when momma puts yoga first, it helps me breathe through some things 😉 And in my quiet time I am working away at making my dream company a reality, I have no clue what I am doing but I have a pretty amazing support system so I feel confident this is going to be a great venture for my family!