Doris Nohe


Doris has always been interested in the mind, body and spirit connection. Her calling is teaching and inspiring others to be their best selves. She loves sharing the tools and experiences that have worked for her throughout her life journey.

She explored different styles of yoga and in 1994 found Kundalini Yoga, which became her favorite. The practice opened her curiosity for eastern religions and philosophies. Doris found that she was particularly interested in Buddhism, which she studied for several years.She gave birth to her twins Edgar and Sofia in 2001, and decided it was time to leave New York City for a quieter family life. In 2002 she moved back to Puerto Rico with her husband and kids to be near her family. The slower pace of the island motivated her to pursue her love for yoga and become a yoga teacher. Two years later, she received her Yoga Certification. In 2005 Doris and her family decided it was time to move back to the East Coast and they settled in Connecticut.Her passion for yoga remained with her, and she immediately sought out a yoga studio where she could continue her Kundalini practice. She soon discovered that there were no local studios offering Kundalini yoga, and she knew it was time to take matters into her own hands and bring this amazing practice to the local community.

She is eager to share this powerful tool with all of you, so like her, you can experience first hand the amazing benefits of Kundalini Yoga