Learn about Class Styles at Inspire Yoga

Explore a wide variety of yoga class styles similar to The Yoga Retreat at Inspire Yoga.  Experienced instructors lead classes in an all levels environment, yet advanced for practicing yogis. Learn more about our class styles below.

Inspire Vinyasa

Diverse and integrated posture sequences from foundational through advanced poses using Infrared Heat up to 95 degrees. All-Levels Welcome environment with a New and Unique Sequence of poses with each class. Expect to sweat

Slow Flow

Deeply stretch muscles and release fascia while building strength and endurance. All-levels yoga class with infrared heat up to 90 degrees. Get started on your path to an INSPIRE class at half the speed!

Slow Flow (non-heated)

Focuses on improving flexibility and strength through a variety of hatha-based yoga postures. Achieve all of the mind-body benefits and beneficial for all levels of practice and experience. Ambient room temperature – no infrared heat used.


Relaxed, passive postures held for 3-5 minutes at a time. Gentle seated stretches release tension in the connective tissues of the body. Practiced in a cool environment and great for relaxation and release of physical, mental, and emotional tensions.

Interested in On-Demand and LiveStream Classes?

The Yoga Retreat’s in-studio livestream classes have ended. But you can find a growing library of over 150 on-demand classes, plus multiple LiveStream options weekly at Inspire Yoga Online. Flow at your own pace, wherever and whenever. Find powerful Inspire Vinyasa or relaxing Yin classes from a variety of Inspire Yoga’s exceptional instructors. Search and filter for whatever your body, mind, or soul needs that day.