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Meet Our Instructors


The Yoga Retreat knows that a yoga class is only as good as the Yoga teacher. Our teachers are well-trained, passionate about yoga, teaching and ensuring that each of their pupils walk out of their classes with a smile on their face.



Yoga is my passion.   It started as a child growing up in India where yoga is not just an exercise, but a way of life. It started in the classroom where yoga was taught before math, reading, and writing. It grew further at home where yoga was embedded as the fabric of our daily routines. It has lead me on this journey to become an expert and find better health, better energy, and better living.

I received my professional training from the highly reputed teaching school Live, Love, Teach Yoga, and began teaching yoga in the Dallas area in 2014. I have also refined my skills completing numerous boot camps and workshops all over the United States and India. I have been blessed to have learned from some of the greatest yoga teachers. What I share in my classes is an accumulation of the methods I learned from them, and what I continue to learn from my own daily practice. Every teacher I have learned from has influenced my teaching including the application of yoga philosophy to practice.

My classes will challenge you both physically and mentally, and regardless of your skill level, are designed to advance your growth at a faster pace compared to conventional techniques. The benefits of yoga in my life are numerous: physical strength, increased energy, and greater awareness of the smallest nuances in my environment. I believe that when taught properly, yoga becomes a better way of life.

Victoria Lynn

Audra Ladehoff is a 30 year old Texas Native from Flower Mound. She has a longstanding background in ballet. Yoga quickly took the place of dance when Audra started practicing in 2005. She is proud to be certified through soulmotivation by Joseph Stingley. Audra works full-time in the marketplace, and loves the opportunity to teach at night. Her specialty is Hot Vinyasa.

Saloni Patel


Practicing Yoga (unity) aligns your body, mind and energies to work without friction, which when attained one leads peaceful and blissful life no matter what your external situation is.

If you allow and have right teacher, practicing yoga asana can alter the way to experience life – this is exactly what happened to me when I started practicing yoga with my teacher Joseph Stingley. After every class I was tired but felt fresh. My mind was getting calmer and as a byproduct my body was getting stronger. I found myself being more peaceful, getting clarity in my life, dealing issues with patience.

When you become peaceful within yourself you want to share that with others; that is when I decided to be Yoga Asana Instructor – to help others the way I was helped.

Karen Ratanasavetavadhana


I teach power Vinyasa yoga layered with mindfulness, playfulness, acceptance, and compassion creating an environment for self-inquiry and transformation.  My intention is to heal, change, and connect not just bodies, but mind and spirit, through the practice of yoga.  As a Life, Health, and Wellness Coach, I guide individuals to their highest potential to help people live happier, stay healthier, empowered, and move them forward in the direction of their dreams.  I have trained with Baron Baptiste (200-HR), Live Love Teach (500 HR in progress), Seane Corn, Wild Abundant Life, and Art of Living.  Personally, I am passionate about my husband and 2 awesome boys.  I love dancing, traveling, and usually smiling.  You will always see me reading or listening to audios about yoga, meditation, or personal development because being physically, mentally, and spiritually fit is not just a hobby for me, it’s a lifestyle!



As a Yoga Teacher Anyel explores the challenges she faces on and off the mat, and looks for the wisdom to utilize those experiences in her classes. She believes in cultivating the art of deep presence, focused awareness and conscious breath within each asana. In this world of changes and transformations, our ability to connect deeply with ourselves will shape our sense of harmony with our surroundings.

After over 20 years in Corporate America as a Marketing and Communications Officer, Anyel became an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer inspired by her passion and dedication to physical conditioning. But it was her quest to harmonize body, mind, and spirit that led her to begin practicing Yoga. She is also a 200 Hrs Registered Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yin Yoga Teacher. Anyel has trained under Arpita Shah in Texas, a NAMA Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Bernie Clark and Diana Batts in Canada, well-known authors, Yoga and Meditation Teachers, and Rod Striker founder of ParaYoga® and prominent author and lecturer.

Anyel’s Yoga classes provide the space to bring out the inner wisdom and light that shine within each individual and create the opportunity to build flexibility, strength, and balance through stability and breathing techniques. She is very grateful for being able to share the gift of Yoga.


Gisela Falcon


I have always loved sports and living an active life has been very important to me. I moved to Dallas in 2012, and it was then when I truly begin my yoga journey. I loved every aspect of it. For the first time in a while, I felt I had a time for myself, my body, my mind, and my spirit. After each practice, I felt great, active, energized, and many times sore (which I loved), but also with a sense of calmness and groundedness.

I am originally from Venezuela, where I graduated in Industrial Engineering. I worked for many years in the corporate world, but deep inside I always knew I wanted to do something different, something that would help me achieve personal fulfillment. After only a few weeks practicing, I began to realize that Yoga was filling the void I always felt and, after months of dedicated practice, I decided to take Yoga one step further in my life and enrolled in the Teacher Training.

Yoga has changed my life for the best. It has given me happiness and helped me to understand myself better. I feel proud, I have more confidence and I have met wonderful people, made real friendships and now I feel part of something beautiful.

I have found one of my passions in life… and I’m very grateful for it! Along with my husband, my son, my family, my dogs and Yoga, I will continue this journey of life to self-realization and love.

Carolyn Taluja


Carolyn has been practicing yoga since 1990. This was a natural evolution from her daily meditation practice. Her childhood asthma required her to often turn to deep breath meditation in order to calm the lungs and reduce the risk of an escalated attack. It was a blessing in disguise as it has opened a whole world of meditation, yoga and grounded, deliberate movement.

Carolyn has studied movement practices of all kinds: from ballet to African style and everything in between. She has been teaching group fitness classes since 2014. Carolyn feels it is an honor and privilege to share her vision of breath, guided movement and joy with all of her students. Her classes will always leave you with a smile.

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