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Ayurveda+Yoga workshop at The Yoga Retreat!

Date: November 18th, 2017 on Friday @ 3-4:30 PM

Cost: $30/person


Our bodies tend to be predominantly Vata during fall /autumn season. We find more moving qualities in us like cold, dry and rough skin, irregular appetite. We need to balance our bodies by grounding down, bringing in more warmth, nourishing our appetite and mind and bringing stillness into our mind and bodies.

This workshop will offer you all the tools to balance your doshas and how to bring stillness into your yoga practice that will help you during this season.


In this 1 &1/2-Hour workshop we will learn about the Ayurveda nutrition & home remedies and yoga poses help in preventing illnesses.

We will be doing a short discussion on daily Ayurveda routine. 

Come and join me in learning more about the ancient practice of medicine and yoga !!

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Mind & Meditation: Path to Happiness Progress

Date: December 3, 2017 on Saturday at 3:30PM-5:00PM

Cost:  FREE

Workshop includes:
* An interactive talk focusing on breathing techniques that release stress and heighten mental clarity and awareness.
* Experience inner peace through yoga and meditation
* The tendencies of the mind
* Sources of energy
* The science & secrets of breath
* Nature of stress
* Benefits of breathing techniques
* Experience Meditation and more

In the MIND & MEDITATION session we will learn about the laws that govern our minds, understand how meditation can be a key tool to help us leverage this fact, and learn how we can more easily tap into the benefits of meditation by using our breath.


Wine Down with us at The Yoga Retreat!

Date: December 9, 2017 on Saturday at 3:00PM-4:30PM

Cost: $30/person

Karen Ratanasavetavadhana will lead an hour long of gentle yoga class by LED candlelight. The rest will be wine and social to meet and bond with our fellow yogi friends in our TYR community.  This class is appropriate for all skill levels, even those who have never tried yoga.

We will end class feeling refreshed, renewed and restored – and then will be treated with wine and conversation.

Set this moments aside to reduce stress & anxiety while improving your flexibility and circulation. Self care is an integral part of living a healthy life that we all need to learn to make more time for. You deserve it!