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Vinyasa Yoga is inspired by Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga means practicing all eight limbs of yoga.Vinyasa class helps you to move into the poses with the movement of breath. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, this class is for you. It is physically more challenging than slow flow, but yoga always offers modifications. The teachers guide you to modify the poses, if it becomes very challenging. This yoga class helps in building core strength, flexibility and endurance.The classes done at 85-88 degrees temp.

Replace your mid day slump with a slow paced vinyasa class in a non heated environment to get your energy flowing and focused. This class will provide you with all the benefits of vinyasa yoga and take your flexibility to a different level. Classes include breathing & stretching techniques combined with yoga poses to promote muscle toning & strengthening as well as balance & circulation. This is a good class for beginners, who want to try vinyasa yoga.

While Hatha Yoga focuses on breath and alignment, Vinyasa matches movement to breath. Hatha flow is a combination of holding postures and fluid sequences, allowing opportunities to refine the asanas, deepen stretches, and build strength all the while remaining grounded and flexible through the changes. Whatever your physical training is, this Slow Flow class is a great compliment and will leave you feeling grounded, balanced, and calmly energized.

Kids practice sequence of poses and asanas with breathing technique. It helps them to be mindful, concentrate and focus. Various yoga poses help them stretch and creates flexibility and strength in their body and mind. It nurtures patience,creativity and self confidence in kids.

Restorative yoga allows you to deeply release tension and stress from body and mind. Supported by props, you can completely rest and relax. We typically hold the poses from 2 to 5 minutes. The poses include light twists, seated forward folds, gentle backbends and a long savasana. This gentle approach to yoga is particularly valuable for you if you practice vinyasa, have an extremely busy schedule, travel a lot or tend to feel anxious or angry. It is a must if you want to bring body and mind back into balance. We use the Yoga tuneup balls to get into deeper stretches & increase hydration. It helps release fascia.

You are as powerful as your core. A strong core and flexible spine allow greater ease of movement.

This 60 minute session incorporates yoga poses, synchronized to the breath, designed to help you build a more stable and powerful abdomen and lower back to improve your fitness level, strengthen your posture and provide a foundation for an active daily life. Accessible to all strengths and fitness levels.

Yoga sculpt class offers yoga poses with free weights of 2 pounds. This class offers yoga poses with cardio exercise.  Sculpt class offers target muscle workout. It burns calories and helps yogis tone their muscles. Good yoga posture and alignment are core values of any yoga class and sculpt is done with added weights to handle hyper flexibility. 

Rest & Restore is yoga ball therapy class. It offers a good balance between pain management and yoga practice. This class is for yogis of all ages! Whether you are a fitness guru or just want to protect yourself from injuries, this is a class for you.This 60 minute session incorporates yoga poses on rolling balls. Accessible to all strengths and fitness levels.


  • New students should arrive 15-20 minutes early to register
  • and get settled.
  • Ask questions! The teachers are there to support you.
  • Please advise your instructor of any pre-existing injuries.
  • Please turn off cell phones during class.
  • Eat light a few hours prior to class.
  • Hydrate! Drink water before and after class.
  • Enjoy yourself!


*Mat and towel rentals available by request

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