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Welcome to the Yoga Retreat. We are a boutique studio located in Southlake, TX with students spanning the entire Dallas/Fortworth area.

Our instructors specialize in various style of yoga, ranging from Hatha, Vinyasa yoga – a practice of yoga that focuses on synchronizing breath with a continuous flow of postures. All classes taught at the studio preserve the sanctity of Vinyasa yoga and slow flow. We are experts at guiding you to use your breathing to transition from one posture to another, lock your energy, and flow through your yoga practice. Our techniques focus on optimizing the strengthening of your core muscles without compromising on the relaxation and stress release resulting from your yoga practice.

We offer a variety of yoga classes for all level yogis, including YIN Yoga classes, which help in reducing stress and releasing tension. This style of yoga increases the blood flow and increases flexibility in the joints.

Our studio includes both heated and non-heated environments. We have a state-of-the art infrared heating system that helps remove toxins, improve flexibility, and remove muscles stiffness. We also provide the convenience of changing areas and showers, along with rental mats and towels.




You may have heard that yoga provides relaxation and relief. Yes it does, but it provides so much more.


The benefits of yoga are numerous including increase in awareness in mind and body. The regular practice of yoga increases stamina, physical strength, and flexibility, while providing a connection with your mind to increase focus and clarity. The core principles of yoga practice are to maintain mental and physical strength, and to adapt to changes in your environment, learning to be in the present moment. Yoga helps us recognize our weaknesses and strengths. Poses are the source to build physical strength, and breathing is the guide to focus and concentration.


The key to achieving these benefits is to remember that yoga is not a race, but a marathon. With proper guidance and instruction, you can achieve these benefits sooner than you expect.




Yoga is for everyone, including kids. Now, the same teaching methods used for our adult students are not applicable kids. We have specially designed classes catered to nurture the growing bodies and minds of children.Keeping the core principles of Yoga in mind, we have structured our kids yoga program to help build a foundation for mental health and physical strength. Yoga helps kids mentally to maintain focus and concentration. Physically, it helps build endurance, improve flexibility, and provide a competitive edge in your child’s other activities such as team sports.



Benefits From Using Your Infrared Sauna

The far infrared sauna technology is a tool that works to prevent and alleviate many of the diseases and conditions our doctors can only put band aids on. There is no treatment for underlying causes of fibromyalgia, lymes disease, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, and more. Our physicians have been trained to treat the symptoms. They give us medication to manage these symptoms but medications only address the symptoms not the root cause. The Far Infrared Sauna Technology addresses the root cause by bringing your body to a state of homeostasis. When you apply infrared light to the human body we are charging our cells with their own energy allowing them to more efficiently detox the body, deliver oxygen rich nutrients to areas with limited circulation, and renew, regenerate and restore at the cellular level. Celebration Infrared Saunas are an investment in your health, in your quality of life. An investment that will last a lifetime. Read more


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